Tailor-made vanillin creations

The EuroVanillin® Expert line of products is Borregaard's extensive portfolio of vanillin creations developed over the last two decades that go beyond standard vanillin. The unique feature and key ingredient in these products is Borregaard’s plant-based vanillin. In addition to EuroVanillin Supreme, the Expert products contain a top note which supports and enhances the flavour in your applications. We have tailored the Expert line of products to meet specific challenges in various food applications.

EuroVanillin Expert benefits:

  • High cost-efficiency without compromising intensity or flavour
  • Top notes specifically designed to overcome challenges in food applications
  • Stable product quality 
  • A large range of products offering you the optimal solution for your particular application
  • Predictable pricing
  • Easily mixed with other dry components
  • Produced by a strong, reliable and innovative supplier

Food safety and public health are critical for our customers. We take pride in delivering only the safest products manufactured with strict process control and adherence to the highest standards of the food ingredients industry.

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