High pressure high temperature (HPHT) fluid loss control evaluation of BioDrill FM400

This test compared the HPHT filtration control properties of BioDrill® FM400 and several competing product groups (synthetic polymers, polyanionic celluloses (PAC) and lignites.) The products’ tolerance to calcium was of specific interest, and the test parameters are adapted accordingly.

The test water contained 1,200 ppm calcium and 17,000 ppm chloride. The mixture was hot rolled 16 hours at 150°F, and the HPHT evaluation performed at 350°F with 800 PSI/300 PSI differential.

Key takeaways:

  • BioDrill FM400 outperforms all other product groups in filter rate and filter cake size.
  • Only oil-based polymers show comparable performance values
  • BioDrill FM400 is a sustainable and excellent fluid loss control additive



HPHT filtration rates @350°F after 30 min


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