Reactive dye additives

Borregaard's lignin-based dispersants are commonly used for strength adjustment in reactive dyes and offer excellent low staining properties.

We offer high purity sustainable dispersants for adjusting the strength of reactive dyes before spray drying. Our dispersants have low staining levels and stabilise reactive dye liquids, avoiding nuisance dust when formulated in powder form.

The products also allow effective spray drying of the reactive dye slurry at high solids. By keeping a low salt concentration, it is possible to obtain high strength.

Our lignosulfonate based biopolymers offer the following benefits in adjusting the strength of your reactive dye:

  • More effective than synthetic dispersants
  • Decreased specking in continuous range and printing applications compared to inorganic salts
  • Provide thermal protection to the atomised droplets allowing higher inlet temperatures
  • Exhibit low fibre and co-fibre staining
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous material – no need for pictograms or labelling

Dispersants can play a major role in dye formulation. As Borregaard’s biopolymers come from sustainably managed forests, they will improve your process while protecting the environment.

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