Disperse dye additives

Azo and anthraquinone disperse dyes are typically finished in liquid or powder form and are classified by energy level. Formulation usually requires a primary dispersant.

Our sustainable lignin-based dyestuff dispersants are used either alone or in blended formulations to meet your specific requirements. The products are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and require no special handling precautions. Your choice of dispersant is dyestuff and process dependent. 

These dispersants are anionic derivatives of lignin with certain chemical functional groups enabling them to adsorb onto dye particles. They can also interact through hydrogen bonding with the fibres to be dyed.

Borregaard's high-quality textile dyestuff dispersants have the following characteristics:

  • Wide range of heat stability
  • Low azo dye reduction
  • Minimal foaming tendency
  • Excellent fibre staining properties
  • Good milling efficiency
  • Lower formulation paste viscosity 
  • Improved cost/performance after dye strength standardisation
  • No disturbance of other properties when used as cutting agents
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Dye production and textile dyeing often create undesired chemical effluents. Our bio-based products have no added formaldehyde and are excellent substitutes for oil-based chemicals, contributing to a more sustainable dyestuffs manufacture.  

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