Dust suppressant for mining roads

Dustex® is a cost-effective, bio-based binding agent for your mining haul roads. Dustex will reduce dust and improve visibility, thereby, facilitating compliance with Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) standards.

Frequent application of water, a scarce commodity in many areas, has been widely practised. Dust suppression with Dustex reduces water consumption by up to 80% and provides a more effective, longer-lasting and sustainable result.

Mining roads, either above or below ground, are constructed for haulage purposes or for general ground management. Haul roads are often wide, have limited drainage, carry very heavy loads and are constructed with overburden or discarded material. Fugitive dust is a critical health and safety issue that is often government regulated.

On your mine roads, low visibility is a significant problem that can result in accidents. Other dust-related challenges include: high vehicle maintenance cost and tire wear, compliance with health and safety regulations and cost of replacing road material.

A study by du Plessis confirmed the efficacy of using a lignin based dust suppressant versus a water-only strategy to suppress dust on mining haul roads. 

Dustex is safe to handle, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Dustex is based on lignin, the natural binder of wood fibres in trees. 


  • Improved road visibility
  • Reduced vehicle operating and maintenance cost
  • Reduced consumption of water
  • Positive impact on Safety, Health and Environment
  • A sustainable solution

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