Dust suppressant for agricultral roads

Dustex® is a cost-effective, bio-based dust suppressant for your agricultural roads. It efficiently binds soil particles and reduces the amount of nuisance dust.

Dust from farm and forestry roads is not only an issue for the health of your workers and surroundings, but can also negatively affect crop yield and profitability.

Airborne dust that settles on nearby vegetation can reduce crop yields by: burying seedlings - causing loss of plant tissue and stunted growth, reducing photosynthesis activity and impeding the function of insecticides.

Dustex is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for vegetation, unlike salts. This sustainable product is based on lignin, the natural binder of wood fibres in trees.


  • Improved visibility
  • Less dust on plants/crops resulting in better yields
  • Reduced vehicle operating cost and maintenance cost
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Positive impact on Safety, Health and Environment
  • A sustainable solution

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