Exilva Availability and Packaging

Borregaard’s Exilva® products are produced in Sarpsborg, Norway.

The world’s first commercial MFC production plant enables efficient and high-quality focused production of the novel Exilva product. Borregaard has decades of experience in logistics and shipping with certified delivery tools and methods.

There are two options available for all Exilva products:

  • L series: 2% liquid solution (2% fibrils, 98% water). This product is suitable for pumping and pouring Exilva into your production units.
  • V series: 10% paste solution (10% fibrils, 90% water). Higher concentration, tailor-made for users who have a high shear tool in their production system to activate and incorporate Exilva.

Available packaging:

  • Exilva F 01-L series are delivered in either 25 kg Can, or 1 000 kg IBC.
  • Exilva F 01-V series are delivered in Exilva Compact Tubes (ECT), either as 1 x 20 kg per box or as 2 x 9 kg per box.

Please consider your unloading equipment and HSE restrictions when choosing your packaging options.

We're at your assistance and can help you determine the right product, concentration and packaging solution for your operation. Please contact us through the form below.

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