Cellulose grades for cellulose ethers

Borregaard holds a leading position in supply of speciality cellulose for production of cellulose ethers. The major markets for this type of cellulose are:

  • Methyl cellulose derivatives (MC, HEMC and HPMC)
  • Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC)
  • Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC).

Examples of important end-uses demanding cellulose ethers made from high quality speciality cellulose are food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and personal care applications. Important technical end-uses include construction, coatings and oil drilling.​

Borregaard offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality, non-GMO speciality cellulose ranging from ultra low to ultra high viscosity at purities and brightness levels required for use in demanding cellulose ether manufacturing. Borregaard’s most recent product offering is the Ice Bear cellulose generation, providing exceptional high alpha speciality cellulose for high end performance products.​

Borregaard has experience supplying the cellulose ether industry over many years. With our expertise, laboratory facilities and technical services we can provide support to cellulose ether producers.

Borregaard’s speciality cellulose products can be supplied in the form of both bales and rolls, with product specifications adapted to each customer’s individual requirements.

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