Sustainable stabilisers for feed emulsions

Borregaard is the world’s leading producer of lignin-based biopolymers, produced from wood. We offer sustainable products for the stabilisation of carotenoids, vitamins and other nutritional substances in animal feed.

Our nOrigo™ biopolymers contain numerous properties that provide the best stabilising effect for pigments in the formulated product. They are non-toxic, safe for animals, not harmful to the environment and safe to use. The products are also REACH exempt and GMP+ approved for use in animal feed.

The nOrigo product line is not derived from animal sources, thus poses no limitations with regards to nutritional or religious restrictions.

The recommended dosage of nOrigo products in feed emulsions is typically between 30-60 wt % of
the final product.


  • Protect nutritional components from oxidation and radiation
  • Efficient emulsion stabilisation
  • Excellent dispersion in hot and cold water
  • Not derived from animal sources
  • Sustainable and safe to use
  • Non-GMO

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