Cereal and Raw Material Preservation

SoftAcid® is a very efficient additive for cereal and grain preservation. The product is safer to use and easier to handle than propionic acid.

Farm-grown cereals and grains undergo storage until animal feed manufacturers select, grind and use them. During this storage period, the grain is vulnerable to microbiological growth, which could lead to a severe disturbance of animal health.

SoftAcid is very efficient against moulds, improves overall feed hygiene and also assures a low level of mycotoxins during storage. The product is less corrosive than pure propionic acid and will, therefore, also reduce cost of maintenance to machines and storage bins.

The lignosulfonic acid in SoftAcid also forms a protective layer around the grains, which reduces the evaporation of the acid.


  • Mould inhibition 
  • High performance and flexibility during harvest 
  • Better feed hygiene 
  • Low mycotoxins during storage 
  • Reduced corrosion rate 
  • Low volatility
  • More sustainable than pure acids

MIC for different acidifiers vs Fusarium

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