Sustainability dimensions in customer solutions

Borregaard’s products solve different challenges for different customers. Most customers purchase our products primarily for their performance. However, the interest in sustainable solutions among existing and potential customers is increasing.

Some of our customers buy our products because of their low carbon footprint. Borregaard’s wood-based bioethanol is a good example of this. Compared with petrol, this second-generation alternative has 85% lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Other customers, especially those who operate in consumer markets, prefer using natural ingredients or ingredients made from natural raw materials in their products. The market for Borregaard’s biovanillin is growing rapidly. This trend is expected to continue and is likely to be reinforced in parallel with the world’s growing sustainability focus.

Health and safety aspects influence customers’ purchasing behaviour. Borregaard’s wood-based products represent a non-toxic substitute for chemicals with negative health exposure. Our biopolymers and cellulose fibrils are good examples of products replacing harmful chemicals in applications such as coatings, agriculture and adhesives.

Borregaard produces sustainable crop solutions, including crop nutrition. For example, when used in the production of corn, vegetables and fruits, Borregaard’s biopolymers improve efficiency, increase the plants’ resistance to stress and enhance crop quality.

These are all examples that show how our products play their part in solving global sustainability challenges in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2: Zero hunger and 13: Climate action.