Wood coatings

Improved mud-crack resistance and longer open-time.

Protective coatings

Improved sag resistance for spray applied coatings

Exterior coatings

Borregaard´s additives reduce the tendency for mud cracking during drying by keeping the surface open.

Bio-based deflocculants for sun care formulations

Borregaard lignin biopolymers are multi-functional additives used in sun care formulations to improve stability and charge dispersion and impart a natural UV resistance. Several different mechanisms provide the following multi-functional properties.

Pigment dispersion

Viscosity measurements in our laboratory with typical pigment water-based slurries. Several different solids content per pigment

Bio-based dispersants for colour cosmetics formulations

Borregaard biopolymers are multifunctional additives used in colour cosmetic formulations to enhance pigment dispersion, thus improving performance and hiding power.

Liquid Laundry and Fabric Softeners

Structuring of cationic and anionic surfactants, suspension of fragrance capsules.

Hard surface cleaners

Uniform sprayability of strongly acidic, neutral and alkaline products. Improved vertical cling of liquid formulations and foam.

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