All-time high result

Borregaard’s operating revenues reached NOK 1,113 million (NOK 1,007 million)¹ in the 1st quarter of 2016. EBITA² increased to NOK 171 million (NOK 105 million), an all-time high quarterly result. Performance Chemicals and Specialty Cellulose both improved their EBITA, while there was a decline in Other Businesses. Currency contributed positively in all business areas. Raw material, energy and other costs were stable. Production and sales from the Sarpsborg site were slightly lower than in the 1st quarter of 2015 as a result of the silo fire incident in October 2015, but the EBITA impact was limited due to insurance coverage. Performance Chemicals achieved an all-time high quarterly EBITA due to favourable currency effects. The acquired...

Strong result in performance chemicals and favourable currency effects

Borregaard’s operating revenues increased to NOK 1,034 million (NOK 951 million)¹ in the 4th quarter of 2015. EBITA² was NOK 101 million (NOK 92 million). There was an improvement in Performance Chemicals and Other Businesses, while Specialty Cellulose was somewhat weaker. Currency developments contributed positively across all business areas, but the impact was partly delayed by hedging. EBITA in Performance Chemicals increased as a lower sales volume was more than offset by a positive currency impact. Weaker demand and increased price competition in the construction sector led to lower sales in some regions. The new Flambeau lignin volume has been included in the reported figures from 23 October 2015. The decline in Specialty Cellulos...

All-time high result for performance chemicals

Borregaard’s operating revenues totalled NOK 1,054 million (NOK 993 million)1 in the 2nd quarter of 2015. EBITA2 was NOK 131 million (NOK 130 million). Performance Chemicals improved its EBITA, while there was a decline in Specialty Cellulose and Other Businesses. In total, costs were stable in local currencies. Currency developments, including negative hedging effects, contributed positively by approximately NOK 50 million. Hedging effects were NOK -54 million in the 2nd quarter. EBITA in Performance Chemicals increased to an all-time high as positive currency effects, product mix and higher sales prices more than compensated for lower raw material supply. The reduction in Specialty Cellulose was mainly due to lower sales prices, a wea...

Sustainable Development Goals

How we contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

UF & MUF Wood adhesive additives

Borregaard’s MFC and lignin biopolymers can help solve UF and MUF gluing challenges.

Why MFC show potential in cosmetic applications

Over the last several years consumers have become more and more aware of the environmental impact of cosmetic products. Indeed cosmetic products end up down the drain and in the water system after a shower. The trend today is, therefore, to use natural raw materials to replace synthetic ingredients and reduce the environmental impact.

What is the effect of MFC on emulsion stability?

The saying, "Oil and water don’t mix" is not completely accurate as oil and water can be mixed as an emulsion. 

What is the effect of MFC on emulsion stability

The saying, "Oil and water don’t mix" is not completely accurate as oil and water can be mixed as an emulsion.

Cellulose Fibrils

Sustainable Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) that improves rheology and stability and provides strength and barrier properties.


Our products can help you solve typical challenges in formulating liquid home care products and in professional cleaning detergents and replace current synthetic additives.
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