PF PC 03 Exilva With Alcohols Formulation Guide

THE NATURAL PERFORMANCE ENHANCER PF-PC-03 — Exilva with alcohols formulation guide European project funded by the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 r...

Application Bulletin Exilva Hair Conditioning Effect For Grey Hair

w w w . e x i l va . co m APPLICATION BULLETIN: PERSONAL CARE EXILVA SHOWS NATURAL HAIR CONDITIONING PERFORMANCE FOR GREY HAIR Exilva is a completely natural and infinitely sustainable micro...

Skin Care

Stabilisation of emulsions, novel product texture and matting effect.

Bath and Shower Care

Stabilisation of formulations and prolongated foam stability.

Hand Sanitisers

Uniform spray pattern with non-dripping effect.

Hair Care

Structuring of cationic systems, reduces product tackiness and reduces wet combing force.

Enhanced final properties of elastomeric coatings

The final properties of elastomeric coatings play a crucial role in determining their effectiveness and long-term performance. Exilva increases the tensile strength without compromising elongation, improves the adhesion on various materials, and reduces water absorption significantly without impacting the permeability.

Molded Fiber Packaging

Improve strength, lightweighting, barrier properties, and sustainability in your food packaging products.

How MFC can help thicken your advanced cleaning products

There is a strong need to disinfect and sanitise frequently touched surfaces. Exilva microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) is a bio-based structuring agent that can thicken household disinfectant and cleaning products at low to high pH, as well as with oxidising compounds.

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