Exilva – Emulsion stabilisation with Exilva

Laboratory experiments show that the stability of an oil in water emulsion is enhanced by the concentration of Exilva microfibrillated cellulose (MFC).

Exilva combo

Test Exilva Combo for speed and quality – immediate effects. Just add Exilva to your existing glue recipe.

Exilva FBX

Exilva® FBX is exclusively produced for boron replacement in starch adhesives.

Exilva PBX

Exilva® PBX is finetuned and exclusively produced for our Combo solution, where speed and productivity are in focus. 

Exilva Microfibrillated cellulose

Viscosity modifying agent and stabiliser in personal care and cosmetics.

Exilva – Liquid Fertilizer compatible Capsule Suspension with Exilva

Results shared by AMVAC Chemical Corporation show that using Exilva as a rheology modifier improves the fertilizer compatibility of a capsule suspension.

Exilva – An Excellent Film Former

Investigations at Technical Research Centre of Finland shows Exilva having excellent film-forming properties, potentially benefitting Seed and Granule coatings.

Exilva – Rainfastness Enhancer

Laboratory tests demonstrate the benefits of using Exilva as an in-can or tank mix additive for improving rainfastness of pesticides.

Exilva – Solvent Compatibility

Laboratory studies demonstrate that Exilva is compatible and robust when used as a rheology modifier or stabiliser in polar and non-polar solvents.

Exilva Temperature Stability

Laboratory studies demonstrate that Exilva is stable and robust when used as a rheology modifier or stabiliser over a wide temperature range.

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