BorreGRO HA-1 improves potato phosphorus uptake

Field demonstration from the USA documented the positive effect of BorreGRO HA-1 on nutrient use efficiency, including potato phosphorus uptake.

BorreGRO HA-1 offers superior formulation versatility

Video showing that BorreGRO HA-1 improves formulation flexibility compared to conventional humates, specifically in solutions with low pH starter fertilizers.

BorreGRO CA repairs soil salinity

Laboratory work demonstrates how BorreGRO CA repairs soil salinity and increases water infiltration compared to gypsum.


A bio-based lignosulfonate that corrects soil salinity and improves water infiltration.

BorreGRO K

A bio-based lignosulfonate that improves plant nutrient use efficiency.

Availability, packaging and support

Borregaard is a supplier of agricultural ingredients and finished products to the fertilizer industry. Our products are sold both under the Borregaard brand and private label.

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