10 fun facts about Norway

Here are 10 facts about Norway you might not be aware of!

  1. Norway isn’t powered by oil
    Sure, Norway’s oil and gas industry has powered the economy but it doesn’t power the nation’s homes. Around 98% of Norway’s domestic power usage is drawn from hydroelectric power plants.
  2. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo
    The Norwegian capital has been the proud venue of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony every year (with just a few exceptions) since 1901.The other Nobel prizes in Chemistry, Literature, Physics and Physiology or Medicine are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden.
  3. The world’s most remote island is a Norwegian territory
    But it may surprise you to learn that it’s not in the north! It’s actually on the other side of the world. Administered by Norway since 1929, Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean is Planet Earth’s most remote island.
  4. Norway introduced salmon sushi to Japan
    While sushi is absolutely a Japanese invention, they did not use salmon in the dish until it was suggested by a Norwegian delegation in the 1980’s.
  5. Modern and ancient skiing were invented in Norway
    This one should come as no surprise given the Norwegian obsession with skiing and their success at international level.
  6. Europe’s biggest herd of wild reindeer lives here
    Although it may surprise you to learn they don’t live in the Arctic! The herd roams Hardangervidda, Europe’s largest mountain plateau. The national park includes vast plateaus, lush valleys, high mountains, distant glaciers, waterfalls and stunning fjords.
  7. Norway has a volcano!
    But don’t panic, it’s nowhere near the country’s largest cities and won’t impact Norway’s mainland if it was to erupt. That’s because Norway’s only active volcano is on the island of Jan Mayen in the Norwegian Sea.
  8. Norway gave the world the cheese slicer
    You’re welcome, world! The cheese slicer was invented way back in 1925 by Thor Bjørklund and has become a staple of all Scandinavian
    kitchens, and many others around the world.
  9. No one knows how long Norway’s coastline is!
    It’s known throughout the world for its jagged mountains and stunning fjords, but believe it or not, no-one knows for sure just how long Norway’s epic coast is.
  10. Norway supplies London with a Christmas tree every year And it’s not just any tree.
    To say thank you for their help during World War II, the city of Oslo sends Britain a tree every Christmas. The tall Norway spruce from the Oslo forest is placed prominently in Trafalgar Square. Norway spruce is also the raw material used for our sustainable and renewable vanillin EuroVanillin Supreme. You can read more about how we source our Norway spruce here

Source: Life In Norway (https://www.lifeinnorway.net/)