RC400 and RC500 series high temperature cement retarders

Borregaard’s BioDrill® RC product family includes a wide range of speciality cement retarders and dispersants.

Variation in well conditions dictates the need for specialised retarders to fulfil proper zonal isolation requirements. Our BioDrill RC additives are used to retard cement, extend pump times, and allow the cement to set at the desired location in the production string over a broad spectrum of cements and drilling temperatures.

Besides, several BioDrill retarders provide a valuable dual function. In addition to functioning as a retarder, some also perform well as cement dispersants.

The BioDrill® RC400 series of cement retarders is designed for moderate to high circulating temperatures in the region of 212°F to 245oF [100°C to 118°C].  Both are products of USA.

The BioDrill RC502 cement retarder is designed for circulating temperatures up to approximately 310°F [154°C].

Product selection table

Temperature range :
212°F - 310°F
100°C - 154°C


Cement Class

Dispersing qualities

Additional attributes

Country of origin


H and G







Improved dissolution in brine and seawater



H and G






Data example from technical bulletin for BioDrill RC502 


Dosage - thickening time relationship for BioDrill RC502 in Class H cement

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