Shear stability of Borregaard biopolymers vs non-ionic emulsifier

The ability of our biopolymer products to create a semi-rigid condensed interfacial film is particularly useful in practical handling of the emulsions. When energy is introduced, for example, through pumping and spraying, emulsified systems will be subject to significant shear forces. These shear forces can be detrimental to emulsion stability, especially when handling wax and slack wax emulsions below the congealing point of the wax.

In the laboratory, shear forces were applied to a 48% slack wax emulsion. The stability is reported as the time it takes in seconds at room temperature for the suspension to break.

Key takeaways:

  • Strong positive response between the dosages and the shear stability of the slack wax suspension with Borregaard biopolymer-based stabiliser.
  • Surfactant type of emulsifier does not have the same shear stability.
  • Borregaard biopolymers are bio-based, renewable and sustainable.


Shear stability of Borregaard biopolymer vs non-ionic emulsifier in a 48% slack wax emulsion (expressed as time in seconds until emulsion failure).

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