Standard Range

Borregaard’s standard range of lignin-based water reducers and plasticizers includes the Borresperse®, Norlig®, Borrebond® and Borrement products. These biopolymers contribute to a consistent and reproducible quality and can offer exceptional performance in low and mid-range concrete admixture formulations.

Our bio-based additives are derived from lignin, the binding agent in trees, and can help you improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Lignosulfonates have a track record of more than 90 years in the construction industry and are still widely used by concrete producers worldwide.

These products are available with different counterions (Ca, Na, Mg) and can be supplied as powder or liquid. Our technical experts can help you choose the right alternative based on your concrete, local climate, required performance and other parameters. 

Benefits offered:

  • Sustainable alternatives to synthetic polymers
  • Cost-efficient
  • Compatibility with other chemicals
  • High and consistent performance
  • Robustness
  • Set time retardation

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