Vanisperse AT

Vanisperse® AT is a sustainable organic battery expander additive derived from Norway Spruce lignin. It is recognised for its ability to impart your flooded design batteries with outstanding discharge performance (measured as CCA or cold crank amperes) and high-temperature life.

Vanisperse AT achieves this performance due to its effectiveness in maximising Negative Active Material (NAM) utilisation. It improves the crystalline structure of the negative plate and shields the lead from the harmful effects of repeated cycling. Simultaneously, it minimises harmful electrolyte water consumption.

Vanisperse AT brings the potential to reduce the lead content of your batteries, thereby reducing cost and weight, while maintaining their performance.


Vanisperse AT enables you to produce batteries that perform above expectations. It improves your battery’s capacity to deliver increased amperage and your batteries will last longer and perform better.


field proof

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