Battery performance with Vanisperse A

Battery life without Vanisperse A is dramatically shortened.

Vanisperse A enables lead battery chemistry to be a viable means of storing electrical energy. Without the addition of Vanisperse A, smaller lead particles of the negative electrode will crystallise into larger particles. Use of Vanisperse A prevents the metallic lead surface from being quickly passivated with an impervious layer of lead sulfate preventing effective charge and discharge of the electrodes.

The presence of increased large crystalline lead particles on the electrodes at the expense of the number of smaller particles lessens the opportunity for contact with the electrolyte. This in turn will gradually reduce ion transfer between the electrodes. Rather quickly, the battery will be rendered useless as a viable means of storing and generating electricity.


The graph illustrates the effect that Vanisperse A has on the useful life of a typical automotive flooded design lead battery compared to non-use and a typical humate.

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