BorreGRO K improves yield in strawberries

A field demonstration with BorreGRO® K shows increased strawberry yield compared to a blank control and standard humic acid.

In a field demonstration, BorreGRO K and standard humic acid (HA) were applied to the roots by fertigation 3 times at 7 kg/ha per application at planting, and at 7 and at 30 days after planting, according to local practices. The soil was sandy loam at pH 6.2, containing 1.8% organic matter.

Key takeaways:

  • Higher yield performance compared to control (+10.3%) and better yield response compared to standard HA.
  • Better strawberry root development compared to control (+20%).
  • Increased number of runners (+22.5% compared to control and +8.4% compared to HA).



Influence of BorreGRO K on strawberry yield.

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