Ready-to-use complexed micronutrients

Borrechel is Borregaard’s sustainable soluble lignin-complexed micronutrient range.

The Borrechel products are micronutrients, such as iron, copper, manganese and zinc (or a combination thereof) complexed with lignosulfonic acid, nature’s own chelating agent.


Borregaard’s lignosulfonates are derived from sustainably managed forests. As such, Borrechel micronutrients are suitable for sustainable agriculture and organic farming (according to REC 889/2008 European Regulation and OMRI-listing in the USA). In addition, Borrechel products are approved in most countries as micronutrient fertilizers.

Complexing strength

The trace elements in Borrechel are highly complexed, with a minimum 90% complexing rate. This represents a higher level of water-soluble and complexed micronutrients than those prepared from other complexing agents. Borrechel’s binding strength is high enough to avoid precipitation of Cu, Mn and Zn in water-soluble fertilizer stock solutions for fertigation.


Borrechel micronutrients are suitable for direct application or in combination with dry fertilizer formulations. They are non-phytotoxic and safe to use. When used properly, they do not cause the leaf burn associated with synthetic chelates. Borrechel products contain a surface-active biopolymer and provide for good distribution of trace elements over the leaf surface without the need for additional adjuvants. In addition, the lignin biopolymer keeps micronutrients in a water-soluble state so that they can diffuse and penetrate into the leaves.

Our micronutrients are available in powder form. They are ready to use and easy to incorporate in fertilization programmes.


With foliar application, Borrechel products ensure proper foliar nutrition levels all season long with a stable and continuous release of complexed micronutrients to the leaves.

They also provide a source of organic carbon and soluble sulfur, both necessary nutrients for good soil microbiology and healthy plant growth.

Benefits offered:

  • High quality, fully water-soluble complexed micronutrients
  • Available as powder, granules or liquid
  • Ready-to-use for dry fertilizer formulations or crop fertilization programmes

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