In line with the Borregaard strategy of specialisation and enhanced value creation, the company invests substantial resources in research, development and innovation.

We define innovation as a concept which applies to the entire process, from the moment a new idea occurs to the customer’s purchase of a new product with an added value.

In Borregaard, we work extensively with innovation. It is important for the company's future and it provides society with valuable products. 17% of our sales comes from new products that we did not have five years ago. Our ambition is to increase further the rate of innovation. We spend around 200 million NOK annually on research and development; this is an effort that has gained recognition and support from the European Union, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council.

The innovation success of Borregaard is a result of in-house R&D and of the fact that we work closely with the sales force, the production staff, the customers and external institutes and universities. Our high ambitions in product development have led to a significant number of new products and new areas of application for our existing products.

In the innovation process, Borregaard produces both knowledge and physical products - on the desktop, in the lab, in the demonstration plant and in full scale production. Our researchers spend 2/3 of their time on the improvement of existing processes, products and applications and 1/3 on the development of new ones.

A research position at Borregaard provides excellent opportunities for professional development in a strong and diverse research division. It is also a great opportunity to launch a career working in other departments at Borregaard.