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Borregaard places a significant emphasis on research and development and has one of the largest and most innovative research divisions in organic chemistry and wood chemistry.

At our research centre in Sarpsborg, 70 employees from different parts of the world work in the development of environmental technology and new products. In order to develop novel products and provide innovative solutions, a close relationship with our customers is of vital importance for Borregaard. 

  • Innovation

    In line with the Borregaard strategy of specialisation and enhanced value creation, the company invests substantial resources in research, development and innovation.
  • Research and development

    Borregaard has close to 100 employees in innovation and R&D, of which 70 employees at the R&D centre in Norway. 34 of our scientists hold a PhD degree.
  • Innovation and R&D

    Strong innovation efforts enhance the value added to our customers. Innovation is the process of generating and implementing new ideas and solutions for the benefit of our customers.