Ola Wessel-Aas

Born 1970, Norwegian citizen

Master of Business Administration, Finance Major (University of Pennsylvania, USA). Bachelor of Arts, Economics (University of Durham, England).

Professional career:
Mr. Wessel-Aas is the founder and Portfolio Manager of Taiga Fund Management. He has previously held various positions in Merrill Lynch (including Head of Nordic investment Banking) and McKinsey.

Directorships and other appointments (current):
Ola Wessel-Aas is a board member of the Norwegian Alternative Investment Association and also a member of the nomination committees of Oslo Børs VPS Holding and Kitron.

Previous appointments (selection):
Mr. Wessel Aas was previously a member of the nomination committees of Bakkafrost, Protector Insurance and Telio.

Taiga Fund Management is one of Borregaard’s largest owners.