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Ethanol - toppbilde

Ethanol products

Borregaard has a unique concept for the utilisation of wood as a raw material for a wide range of advanced products.

During cellulose production, sugar compounds are released from the wood. Borregaard converts these sugar compounds into ethanol through fermentation. Ethanol from Borregaard is used for biofuel, chemical-technical applications, such as car care products, household chemicals and solvents, and also for products that require a high degree of purity, such as pharmaceutical products.
From our production site in Sarpsborg, Norway, we can supply two different high quality technical grades of ethanol:

  • A-Grade (96%)
  • Absolute Technical (99,9%)

Borregaard can also deliver denatured grades in accordance with customer’s own specifications. In addition, two pharmaceutical grades of ethanol are available:

  • Rectified Ethanol (95,8%)
  • Absolute Ethanol Rectified (99,8%)

In 2016 a CO2-analysis (cradle-to-port) was performed on Borregaard’s ethanol production, by an accredited third party according, that showed highly competitive values for our products.

Our ethanol grades produced in Norway are Kosher and Kosher for passover certified.

Borregaard can supply ethanol in bulk from our own ice-free port in ships or in railcars or trucks.