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Borregaard LignoTech

Borregaard is a leading global supplier of lignin-based binding and dispersing agents.

We make customers' products better

Borregaard's lignin products have good environmental qualities combined with high performance. Lignin is the tree's binding agent and is extracted by the production of cellulose. The products are thereby based on a natural raw material and are often good alternatives to oil-based products.
Borregaard's lignin products are used, among other things, as dispersing agents (to give fluidity and stabilization) in concrete, textile dyes, pesticides, batteries and ceramic products or as binding agents in animal feeds and briquettes. In concrete the products improve utilisation potential and give increased strength in construction.

Lignin-based products are also used in drilling for oil, where the products have cost effective and environmentally friendly properties. Within animal feed production, products and solutions are delivered which increase production capacity while at the same time improving the quality of the feed products.

The only global participant

Since their beginning in 1967, Borregaard LignoTech have grown to become the world's leading supplier of products based on lignin. The products are sold to around 80 countries from a range of factories across the world. In later years, Borregaard LignoTech secured their ability to deliver globally through investments and long-term agreements in South Africa, Eastern Europe and South America, among others. This gives strength and flexibility with regards to access to raw materials, logistics and product mix.

Innovation and business development

Based on existing operations and familiar technology, new areas of application are developed where the products can contribute to improving process efficiency, better formulation performance, cost reductions or positive environmental gains. The company has a strong market and application understanding and has built up a good insight into the products' performance and areas of application. Borregaard LignoTech shall be recognised as a driving force for growth and new development within their most important market segments.
In addition, work is being done in the commercialisation of lignin-based products in entirely new applications.

Borregaard Trading

Borregaard Trading supplies chemical products with a range of purposes. The customers are producers of fish, animal feed, pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, detergents, glue, paper and textiles.

The products are supported through Borregaard LignoTech's global system for technical customer service.