Application areas

  • Cellulose for Ethers

    Borregaard ChemCell holds a leading position in supply of specialty cellulose for production of cellulose ethers.The major markets for this type of cellulose are methyl cellulose derivatives (MC, HEMC and HPMC), hydro... Read more
  • Cellulose for Acetate

    Borregaard ChemCell is an established supplier of speciality cellulose to the acetate industry.The market for this type of cellulose includes acetate for filter tow, textiles, plastics and film. A dedicated Acetate Ap... Read more
  • Nitro Cellulose

    Borregaard ChemCell is well positioned in the supply of speciality cellulose for production of nitrocellulose. The end-products include printing inks, lacquers, coatings (for wood, metal and leather), nail varnishes a... Read more
  • Cellulose for MCC

    Borregaard ChemCell offer speciality cellulose for the production of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). The most important end-uses are within food and pharmaceutical applications. Read more
  • Cellulose for Viscose

    Borregaard ChemCell’s dissolving grade cellulose has traditionally been used in the production of viscose filament and viscose staple fibre, a market Borregaard has served since 1921.Besides traditional viscose applic... Read more
  • Ethanol products

    Borregaard has a unique concept for the utilisation of wood as a raw material for a wide range of advanced products. During cellulose production, sugar compounds are released from the wood. Borregaard converts these s... Read more